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JOB DESCRIPTION: Paraprofessional


Supports the delivery of the educational program in the classroom.   Reports to the School’s Principal.


Must be able to work well with students, teachers, other staff, and parents.  Knowledge of the teaching/learning process is imperative. Ability to support effective instructional delivery.  Ability to control student behavior.  Knowledge and ability to use computers and office equipment.  Demonstrated competence in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Education: At least 48 hours of college credit.


Length of Contract:     9 months (180 days)

Hours:                                     8 hours per day for full-time


  • Supports and implements delivery of the educational program in the classroom
  • Works closely with teachers to effectively integrate subjects and methods with the teachers’ overall instructional plan

While the duties and responsibilities of the paraprofessional can include the following, any specific paraprofessional may have responsibilities focused on only some of the following:

  • Delivers specialized skills to students (examples could include specific subject areas such as reading or math) as planned by the classroom teacher
  • Researches and gathers resources and materials needed for lessons, grading, and special projects
  • Supervise recess and other student activities as determined by Principal

All paraprofessionals are expected to:

  • Contribute to the quality and continuous improvement of the classroom learning environment
  • Support teaching methods and content aligned with the philosophy of the School
  • Work effectively with peers and other staff as a team to improve the students’ education
  • Innovate to improve methods and materials in the classroom
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