About MackinVIA:

Mackin Educational Resources offers a rapidly growing collection of close to 100,000 eBooks for students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12.  These eBooks allow for unlimited, simultaneous as well as one book-one user access all hosted on the Mackin server or, in some cases, on the publisher's server.  Many eBooks are interactive and designed for struggling or reluctant readers.

Mackin also offers more than 40 educational databases for students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, providing students with easy access to a wide array of research.  Many of these databases include video and educator research tools, and all offer unlimited, simultaneous access.

The MackinVIA eReader app works on a multitude of tablets including iPad, Kindle, Android, and Nook as well as Mac and Windows desktop computers.  This app can be found in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play.  The free application expands the capabilities of the MackinVIA eResources management system to allow for offline reading as well as content already on your MackinVIA account.

How to connect:

To access MackinVIA, click on this link: and type in the following username and password:

username:   SRA

password:   SRA

Username and password are not case sensitive, and selecting a school is optional.





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