SRA Uniform Code

When the parents first formed SRA, it was decided that a uniform code would help establish a desirable learning environment.

Research shows that a uniform dress code minimizes peer pressure, improves the appearance of the student body, and reinforces an academic atmosphere It is expected that the students of SRA shall maintain their person and uniforms in a modest, clean, and orderly manner compliant with the school dress code. Final decisions regarding satisfaction of uniform code rests with the Principal.  This Uniform Code, found in the Student-Parent Handbook, is subject to change as needed.  Depending on how much laundry you are inclined to do, we suggest the following:

  • 2-4 French Toast bottoms
  • 3-4 French Toast tops
  • Plus at least 1 French Toast sweater or school logo sweatshirt

Citations will be issued to elementary students (K-4) for uniform code violations. Citations must be signed by parents, and returned the next day.  After receiving three citations, in a year, parents will receive a phone call from the student, and be asked to remedy the uniform code violation immediately.  In some cases, this may require parents to bring an article of clothing to your child at school within one hour.  Final decisions regarding satisfaction of uniform code rest with the Principal.

Where to Purchase Uniforms:

French Toast (  Please refer to the SRA Uniform Code list in the Student-Parent Handbook when ordering from French Toast. Our school code is QS47EJ5.  This code may be used on the French Toast website to search for SRA-approved items. Vendors may be added or changed from time to time.

Uniform Code Fund and Resale of Uniforms:

SRA is committed to enabling all students to participate in the uniform code without financial hardship to their families.  Families that need financial assistance to purchase school uniforms must qualify for free and reduced lunch.  Free and reduced lunch applications are available in the SRA Front Office or through ACSD #1. Gently worn uniform items are available at the beginning of the school year, and at other points throughout the year, at Uniform Exchange events.






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