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The following YouTube lessons were created by Ms. Cripps for use by SRA technology students.  To view a lesson, simply click on the link.


General Technology Class Videos

Backing Up Your Flash Drive

Saving an Assignment for Home Use

Turning In Assignments

Setting Up the Word Window


Tech II Videos

Word Tables Lesson 1--Inserting a table, adding/deleting rows/columns, row/column sizing, distributing evenly.

Word Tables Lesson 2--title, author, and source note formatting; merge; alignment within cells.

Word Tables Lesson 3--specifying row height and column width.

Word Tables Lesson 4--header row formatting, sorting, page centering, table auto format.

Word Tables Lesson 5--borders & shading.

Word Tables Lessons 6 & 7--text to table, text direction, page orientation, page margins.

Word Tables Lesson 8--autosum.

Excel Lesson 1--adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, adding and naming tabs, shading, borders.

Excel Lesson 2--basic formulas.

Excel Lesson 3--basic formatting.

Excel Lesson 4--math formulas.

Excel Lesson 5--cell formatting and text direction.

Excel Lesson 6--printing options.

Excel Lesson 7--charts & charting options.



















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